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Peter Pels in Andere Tijden about fathers of the Holy Spirit and Africa Museum

The special of the Dutch History Programme Andere Tijden 'Missie Geslaagd?' (Mission accomplished?) tells the story of the last fathers of the Holy Spirit Congregation who live in Gennep. Professor of Anthropology and Sociology of Africa Peter Pels is one of the specialists in this episode. He explains the history, the lives of the fathers and the relationship with the Africa Museum.

These fathers are ex-missionaries known as 'Spiritinians.' Several describe how it all began, their lives serving God and humanity, how they went to Africa to 'help people,' and how the clash of cultures changed their perspective on life. 
Presenter Astrid Sy goes to the Africa Museum with one of them, which the congregation founded in the 1950s and is now being debated: it would confirm the stereotype image of Africa. In today's world, clergymen from Africa come here: a reversal of the mission.

Watch the episode Andere Tijden 'Missie Geslaagd' (Dutch)

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