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Antoaneta Dimitrova on Euronews about the elections in Bulgaria

Antoaneta Dimitrova, Professor Comparative Governance, spoke in an interview with Euronews about the hurdles ahead for Borrisov, the current prime minister of Bulgaria, despite winning the elections.

Bokyo Borissov, leader of the centre-right party GERB and the current prime minister of Bulgaria has won the parliamentary elections, although his popularity has declined. He will therefore face a difficult task in forming a coalition. Two new political parties have also entered the parliament. These parties are inspired by the anti-corruption protests of last summer. Dimitrova: 'We'll have to see whether this very strong protest vote against corruption among other things will have an impact. The biggest hope for the European level is perhaps the coming into parliament of Democratic Bulgaria.' In addition, the newly established European Public Prosecutor's Office is likely to launch a series of investigations on corruption in the country. Dimitrova expects that this will also put Borrisov under pressure. 

Watch the whole video here

Antoaneta Dimitrova's research brings together different lines of inquiry relating to governance transfer across national borders. An enduring theme in her work has been the effect of the European Union on the democratic and market transformations of the post-communist states of Central and Eastern Europe. Other key themes are EU enlargement, currently focusing on the EU’s strategy towards the Western Balkan candidates. Another theme in her research inquires into the causes of democratic backsliding and especially role of state capture. With various colleagues she has been investigating the European Union’s Neighbourhood policy towards its Eastern neighbours – Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova in particular.

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