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Nathaniel Martin in podcast about antimicrobial resistance

Professor Biological chemistry Nathaniel Martin from the Institute of Biology Leiden is interviewed by the Netherlands Innovation Network on innovative scientific approaches. He talks about his work on designing new antibiotics and developing new molecules to make resistant bacteria susceptible again for antibiotics.

Antimicrobial resistance is an increasingly serious threat, of which die about 25,000 people in Europe every year. It is estimated that antimicrobial resistance will kill up to 10 million people per year globally by 2050.

In the podcast Innovation Matters organised by the Netherlands Innovation Network in China, Martin explains how bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics and why this is basically inevitable. He talks about the two strategies his research group focusses on to counter this process, and why it is important to stay ahead of antimicrobial resistance.

The Netherlands Innovation Network is part of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs that operates in multiple countries with a strong innovation capacity and/or potential. This network aims to improve the innovation capabilities of the Netherlands by linking global and Dutch innovation networks.

Listen to Nathaniel Martin from 21:00 (duration approx. 18 minutes) in the podcast.

Header image: Scanning electron micrograph of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteria (yellow) and a dead human white blood cell (red).

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