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Six-feet society in pictures

The six-feet society is being built up rapidly; arrows and planes made of tape, circles and stripes of chalk, fences and other barriers are popping up around us. Danica Mast, PhD-student at LIACS, collects photos of all these solutions on her website www.1meter50.nl, now that her research is partly at a standstill. The Leids Unversitair Weekblad Mare interviewed her.

Unwritten rules

Normally Mast's research focusses on getting people involved in augmented play spaces and how (design)factors contribute to this. Visual communication to influence behaviour plays an important role in her research. Retailers are now trying to do this by using visual cues to steer people in a certain direction. ‘Because this is new for everyone, there are no unwritten rules yet’, says Mast. ‘If a store has drawn stripes at a six feet distance, should you stand on them or in between them?’

Offering solutions

Mast has already received hundreds of photos. She collects them on her website and she also gives advice on which solutions could work well. ‘Of course it provides input for my own research. Collecting photos and eventually writing a scientific article is nice, but if I can publish the photos quickly, it is more useful. Hopefully this way I can contribute to the solutions shops have to come up with.’

The full article (in Dutch) can be found on the website of the Leids Universitaire Weekblad Mare

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