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Arco Timmermans Discusses Second Economic Aid Package on Dutch BNR Radio

Following the announcement of the second economic aid package by Dutch Ministers Eric Wiebes, Wopke Hoekstra and Wouter Koolmees, Arco Timmermans discussed the content of the government's second economic package on the Dutch radio programme BNR Lobbypanel.

What stands out, for Arco Timmermans, Professor by special appointment Public Affairs at Leiden University's Institute of Public Administration, is that the government appears to present a united front in its policy. 'When comparing this aid package with previous austerity measures there really is a noticable difference. This time, the government is really accepting their responsibility. What does surprise me is that lack of appeal to sectors that are continuing to do well. These sectors might be able to contribute to sectors that are struggling. I miss the solidarity here, even though that might be difficult to enforce.' 

You can listen to the entire segment (in Dutch) on BNR Radio.

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