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New Masterclass Effective Crisis Communication

Starting 12 December, you will be able to enrol in a new Masterclass Effective Crisis Communication at the Centre for Professional Learning. Where do you start when your organisation's reputation is suddenly under threat? And how do you start and with whom?

Lukas Burgering, a crisis management specialist, will be teaching the masterclass. According to him, the foundations for 75% of all good crisis management have been laid during in times without crisis. In other words, preparation is key and that is what you will be working on during the Masterclass Effective Crisis Communication.

The masterclass is part of the Public Affairs Programme of the Centre for Professional Learning which offers (advanced) courses and masterclasses in the field of public affairs. One of the many questions that will be answered during the masterclass is: What is the role of the Public Affairs professional in a crisis team?

After following the masterclass you will know exactly where to start in order to prepare yourself adequately and you will be able to start writing a crisis plan. During a maximum period the four months after the masterclass, Lukas Burgering will provide feedback on your crisis plan.

This Masterclass is in Dutch.

'Good communication will help contain a big problem. Bad communication will cause a small problem to escalate.' - Lukas Burgering, lecturer Masterclass Effective Crisis Communication.

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