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Yannick Veilleux-Lepage in VICE about the French-Canadian far-right organisation La Meute

Reports from Quebec media show the French-Canadian far-right organisation La Meute dealt itself another self-inflicted blow this week, with several club executives being forced out of the group and having a former co-founder, Patrick Beaudry, publicly declare ‘the ship is sinking.’

La Meute was founded in 2015 by two Canadian Force veterans and grew quickly after Justin Trudeau was elected and a perceived rise in immigration.
The current split comes shortly after a victory for anti-immigration proponents in the passing of Bill 21 in Quebec. Bill 21 essentially bans religious symbols from those in positions of power. Critics say this targets Quebec’s minority populations and creates a segregated society.

Canadian far-right groups

Yannick Veilleux-Lepage, incoming Assistent Professor Terrorism and Political Violence at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA) at Leiden University from 5 August, has done in-depth research into several Canadian groups. He said ‘Research has shown us that groups in the far-right in Canada are constantly splintering, reemerging, with individuals essentially changing hats quite often and moving from one group to another’.


A common reason why this will happen is the accusations of financial impropriety says Veilleux-Lepage; ‘These groups tend to have a substantial amount of money running through them’. Other reasons include ideological fighting and interpersonal conflicts such as failed relationships. Veilleux-Lepage adds the leader's exile may cause a snowball effect as the group won’t just lose the three high profile members but also those who were loyal to them.

Read the full article on Vice.

Yannick Veilleux-Lepage

Yannick Veilleux-Lepage will be employed from 5 August as an assistant professor of Terrorism and Political Violence at the Institute of Security and Global Affaris (ISGA). ISGA focuses on multidisciplinary research and education within the international scientific field of security studies.

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