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Michiel Luining live on Dutch Radio BNR on top positions EU

Lecturer Michiel Luining appeared as a guest on a EU panel on the Dutch BNR Radio programme ‘Zakendoen’. During the item the ongoing political games surrounding the EU top positions after the European Elections held in May 2019 were discussed.

There are five EU top positions available, how do countries go about it? The political games are known for their lack of transparency, which is why critics claim its lacking in democracy,’ says Luining. ‘At the same time, these games – in which European political actors strive to find compromises on various interests – can also be characterized as ‘democracy behind closed doors’.’

Michiel Luining is lecturer at the Institute of Public Administration at Leiden University in The Hague.

You can listen to the episode of the radio programme ‘Zakendoen’ as well as find more information on the website of BNRThe EU panel starts from 1 hour/6 minutes.

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