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Judi Mesman presents 'Kennisagenda Jeugd' at four partner- ministries

During the last weeks of 2018, Judi Mesman presented the 'Kennisagenda Jeugd' to various departments and ministries, where she was welcomed with open arms. As figurehead of the NWA 'Jeugd' route, Judi worked together with the 'Taskforce Jeugd' in recent years on the development of the 'Kennisagenda Jeugd'.

Bull's eye

The aim of the Kennisagenda Jeugd is to challenge scientists, policy makers and professionals to develop new knowledge about youth development together; a result of a unique collaboration with a large number of parties in the field of youth and development, including ministries, but also parents and adolescents were involved in the realisation of the Kennisagenda Jeugd. The various departments see the added value of a widely supported research agenda and joint venture in the field of youth development and call the agenda a ''bull's eye''.

Read the full article Kennisagenda Jeugd: Schot in de roos (Dutch) with Judi Mesman on the website of The Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO) or check out the research report (Dutch) on the Kennisagenda Jeugd online.

Photography: Studio Oostrum Fotografie + Film

The Kennisagenda Jeugd is an elaboration of the route Youth in development, upbringing and education of the Dutch National Research Agenda (NWA). The research report describes the themes on which more research is required to increase knowledge about youth development, upbringing and education. This involves the themes like learning and development in different contexts, diversity and (in)equality and normativity of upbringing and education.

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