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David Ehrhardt on the Political Situation in Nigeria

The most densely populated country in Africa, Nigeria, is fighting a war on two fronts. Not only is Nigeria being confronted with violence on a national level by terror group Boko Haram, on a regional level there are conflicts between shepherds and farmers.

The continuing corruption and a 'slow' economy have a paralyzing effect on the Nigerian people. Four years ago, President Buhari promised change by tackling corruption and exterminating Boko Haram. This promise has not been fulfilled and the question is whether the Nigerian electorate will grant him another term for the February elections.

In the broadcast of ''Bureau Buitenland'' on NPO Radio 1 of Wednesday 2 January 2019, Assistant Professor Dr. David Ehrhardt of Leiden University College The Hague reflects on the current political situation in the largest African economy.

Check out the episode of ''Bureau Buitenland'' with Dr. David Erhhardt on NPOradio1.nl

Photo: Lagos, Nigeria

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