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Alastair Reed about the approach of Syrians

The fall of the IS caliphate is coming closer. At the same time, the AIVD warned for an increase in the return of especially the hardened warriors. How should Europe handle this? The shrinking of freedoms will only feed terrorist organizations like IS.

On October 3 an important part of the IS near the Mosul, Iraq, was conquered. However, the terrorist group has not been defeated yet. The solution to two problems is still far to be found: Firstly, the number of radicalized citizens who travel to the war area. Secondly, these returning radicalized citizens. Due to the changing rhetoric of IS, people are encouraged to attack in their own country. In answer to this call, IS-inspired attacks in Nice, London, Stockholm and Barcelona followed.


The solution is therefore in the (preventive) approach. Alastair Reed believes that countries should take responsibility for returning radicalizing citizens and not by blocking these people, which makes this the problem of another country. Reed also says prosecution is the most repressive approach. This would have a daunting effect. Also, more attention must be paid to true prevention: prevent people from radicalizing. Here is a task for the whole society - citizens, politicians, companies, schools - to prevent Muslims from feeling out of bounds and falling for the rhetoric of terrorist organizations.

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