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Publication PhD student Eva Kritikou accepted in Scientific Reports:

A recent publication by Biopharmaceutics PhD-candidate Eva Kritikou has been accepted by the renowned scientific journal Scientific Reports.

The publication titled: 'Inhibition of lysophosphatidic acid receptors 1 and 3 attenuates atherosclerosis development in LDL-receptor deficient mice.'

Atherosclerosis is a lipid-driven chronic inflammatory syndrome, and at present, a principal cause of death in Western societies. In this study we aimed to examine the development of atherosclerosis upon pharmacological blockade of receptors LPA1 and LPA3 (LPA1/3), using the synthetic antagonistic compound Ki16425. We found that LPA1/3 inhibition is an interesting therapy with multiple beneficial effects that can be employed in a broad spectrum of diseases, among which atherosclerosis.

accepted for publication, and published on November 24th.

MSc. E. Kriitikou worked for this publication in collaboration with her colleagues of the LACDR division of Biopharmaceutics, Dr. Gijs H.M. van Puijvelde, dr. T. van der Heijden, ing. P.J. van Santbrink, MSc. M. Swart, MSc. F.H. Schaftenaar, ing. M.J. Kröner, Dr. I. Bot, and Prof. dr. J. Kuiper.

The complete abstract of the publication can  be found here >


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