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Leiden University Centre for Digital Humanities

LUCDH Workshops

LUCDH facilitates workshops that promote the acquisition of skills and knowledge in employing digital tools.

Planning is underway to offer an exciting range of DH workshops starting in September 2022 over the winter and spring semesters

Workshops will include:
- 3D Modeling and Printing;
- Analyzing and Visualizing geographical data with GIS;
- Interactive Storytelling using the popular open-source tool Twine;
- Working with Social Media and Data Analysis;
- Building Networks with Gephi or Visione;
- Understanding Neural Networks.
- Winter Week of Digital Skill modules in the last week(s) of January 2023 (especially useful for teachers).

Dates, times and description of what you can expect from each workshop will be available from our website and newsletters in the autumn. Workshops will usually take place in the afternoon of the third Friday in the month.

Do you have topics for workshops that you'd like to see organized? Or would you like to offer a workshop or event yourself in the digital lab? 

If so, we look forward to hearing your ideas, email: lucdh@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

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