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Counterfactual Game Design

Wednesday 28 August 2024 - Thursday 29 August 2024
Exact times for each of the two days to be determined.
Leiden University
To be determined.

Counterfactual Game Design, August 28th-29th, information here.

Counterfactuals in games has started to catch the attention of various disciplines, aiming to understand just what pasts are (and are not) reckoned with. The fields of historical game studies, media studies and archeaogaming have begun untangling the conceptual and theoretical underpinnings of counterfactual play to focus on player experience.

In this two-day workshop held at Leiden University on August 28th and 29th, we aim to approach counterfactuals from the other side of the same coin: the processes at play in counterfactual game design and development. 

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Call for Papers due 21st June
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