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3-day Masterclass: Inclusive leadership for Depolarisation (cancelled)

Thursday 20 June 2024
Delfgauw & Den Haag

Inclusive leaders create welcoming environments where everyone can be themselves. However, polarisation poses a major challenge. This way of thinking promotes simplistic 'us vs. them' thinking. In this three-days masterclass, we explore the causes and impact of social polarisation and improve your skills for engaging in dialogue with individuals whose views differ from your own.

3-day Masterclass: Inclusive leadership for Depolarisation

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The first two days cover the concepts of polarisation and depolarisation from various fields including: anthropology,  political science, computer science and psychology. The masterclass will be led by depolarisation expert Dr.  Maja Nenadovic and our Senior Programme lead in Diversity and Inclusion, Dr. Kate Kirk.  There will be keynotes from computer scientist Dr. Cynthia Liem over the role of AI in polarisation and political scientist Dr. Femke Bakker on the role contemplative practices can play in depolarisation.  Participants will engage in practical exercises in small groups, enjoying a serene natural setting. Then, they will develop plans to apply their learning in their own organisations.

On the third day, at our historic  university building  in Den Haag, participants will practise their depolarisation skills with actors. Professor Marieke van den Brink  will also share strategies for managing resistance and polarisation in Diversity and Inclusion policies.

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This course was cancelled. We can let you know about the next time this course takes place.

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