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LLRC conference: Critical, ethical, and practical use of AI in the language classroom: opportunities and risks

Thursday 13 June 2024
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden
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Theme of the conference

Artificial intelligence has seen a surge in research and use, particularly since the arrival of ChatGPT. Also in language teaching, advice on and research into the use of AI are abundant. Many teachers are using AI already, and language learners have also already been experimenting with how to use (generative) AI to help them in their language learning journey. Questions that arise when using such tools are “How can I use AI to support language learning rather than to replace it?” and “How do I cope with the ethical issues that come with using AI?” (e.g., high need for energy, known biases). In other words, “How can I evaluate the practical benefits and ethical pitfalls of the use of AI tools in the language classroom?”

On June 13th, 2024, the LLRC will organize a one-day conference on precisely this topic. We are very happy to announce that Dr. Esther van der Stappen (Hogeschool Avans) has agreed to give the keynote lecture (see abstract below).


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Please find the programme including abstracts here

Abstract keynote

AI in education: opportunities and risks 

Esther van der Stappen

All sectors of education are increasingly using intelligent technology to enrich learning and teaching. Educational technology based on artificial intelligence (AI) offers many opportunities, such as personalization, differentiation, and flexibilization, but there are also significant risks. In this keynote, we explore the broad spectrum of AI applications in education and the implications for students and teachers. Using some concrete examples, we consider how AI puts pressure on public values such as justice, humanity, and autonomy and what it means for educational quality. Finally, we look ahead: we look at some concrete tools that can help us collectively gain insight into what is needed for the responsible use of AI in education.

About Esther van der Stappen: Esther van der Stappen graduated in Computer Science from the University of Groningen in 2003. In 2008 she received her PhD from Utrecht University. Until 2020 she worked at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht as lecturer at the Institute for ICT and as senior researcher at the lectorate Digital Ethics, within which she set up the research group Digital Innovation in Education. She currently works at Avans University of Applied Sciences as a professor of applied sciences (lector) of the Digital Education research group at the Center for Applied Research Future-Proof Education. Her research focuses on the value-added application of technology in (higher) education.

Month of AI in Education

LLRC is of course also participating in the Month of AI in Education. In June 2024, we will jointly assess the state of affairs in the Netherlands. View the entire program here. Inspiration guaranteed!

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