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Arts and culture

Art exhibit Jeanne Viet

Thursday 27 June 2024 - Thursday 29 August 2024
Pieter de la Court
Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden
1st floor
Gallery with art in popart style
Exhibit with art by Jeanne Viet

Welcome to the new summer exhibition, featuring the pop-art works of artist and FSW staff member Jeanne Viet. Jeanne works as a communications officer at the Institute of Political Science, but has also been working as an independent artist for several years.

Digital art to physical art

Jeanne developed her painting style during the COVID pandemic and is inspired by the main movements within pop art. Whereas she first started working in a cartoon art style like Roy Liechtenstein, she later tended towards a more 'posterized' style with areas of color. She also wanted to develop a style to efficiently create portraits, which led her to the digital editing of photographs. She then painted these edited images on canvas, resulting in the posterized effect.

Film and popular culture as inspiration

Jeanne has a master's degree in Film Studies, so her love of film is a direct inspiration for her work. Powerful images of actors that move her emotionally, often form the basis for her paintings. The main purpose of her art is to convey a feeling, usually by capturing emotional moments in a portrait. However, besides actors, she also likes to paint dancers and musicians.


Over the years, she has painted in periods, but it was only during the COVID pandemic that her work as an independent painter really began to take shape. Since then, she also started picking up commissions, and as of March 2022, she officially has her own business as an independent artist.

Interested in her work? Feel free to get in touch!

Mail: missJ-Art@outlook.com

Instagram: instagram.com/missJ_Art

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