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Lecture | LUCL Colloquium - Lunch Series '23/'24

The neurocognitive correlates of pausing in L2 speaking and writing

Thursday 16 May 2024
LUCL Colloquium - Lunch Series '23/'24
Matthias de Vrieshof
Matthias de Vrieshof 1-4
2311 BZ Leiden
Building 4, room 0.08A


The role of pausing in speech and written production has received much attention in recent years. A key issue that has intrigued researchers is whether speech and written production processes underlying pauses may differ depending on pause location. While a growing number of studies have investigated this potential link, previous research has solely used cognitive-behavioural tools to examine pausing behaviours. To date, no direct evidence is available about the neural processes underlying pauses in L2 speech and writing. In this talk, I will report on a project in which we intended to help fill this gap through combining behavioural and neural measures of speech and written production to investigate the neuro-cognitive processes underlying pauses in speaking and writing. In particular, we considered how speech and writing processes associated with silent pausing may vary by pause location (mid- versus end-clause pauses in speaking; within-word, between-word, between-sentence pauses in writing). I will also discuss how task factors may influence these links in speech production. Our results revealed that the behavioural and neural data sources provide complimentary insights, yielding a fuller and more valid picture of speech and writing production processes. I will end the presentation with a discussion of the implications of the study for models of task-based learning, L2 speech, and writing.


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