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LUCIR Book launch: Kseniya Oksamytna - Advocacy and Change in International Organizations

Wednesday 13 March 2024
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP The Hague
room 2.17
Book Advocacy and Change in International Organizations

How international organizations change

Kseniya Oksamytna presents her latest book: Advocacy and Change in International Organizations. Communication, Protection, and Reconstruction in UN Peacekeeping”. The book critically examines how international organizations change and expand into new areas or abandon programmes of work. The book argues that they do so not only at the collective direction of member states but that advocacy is a crucial but overlooked source of change in international organizations. Different actors can advocate for change: national diplomats, international bureaucrats, external experts, or civil society activists. This book demonstrates how the advocacy-focused framework explains the origins of three workstreams of contemporary UN-peacekeeping operations: communication, protection, and reconstruction.

After an introduction by Oksamytna herself, Gisela Hirschmann and Tom Buitelaar will critically discuss and review the main premises and findings of the book and there will be plenty of time for questions from the audience and a substantive discussion afterwards. 

All are welcome to join the book launch.

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