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Alumni event

Cleveringa Meeting Leiden 2023

Thursday 30 November 2023
Academy Building & Online
Great Auditorium

New Medicines, New Methods: Where Are the Boundaries of Pharmaceutical Research?

During the Corona crisis, the pharmaceutical industry developed vaccines at breakneck speed. This was only possible because of ongoing research projects, often unknown to the public. In this Cleveringa meeting we will first look at such new developments in research. We will go from the earliest stages of discovery and development to the first applications. We will also ask ethical questions: Why are drugs being pushed for some diseases and not for others? At what price do we want life-prolonging drugs? And: How do we test new drugs responsibly? Testing on animals and humans may soon be reduced by using ‘virtual humans’: basically AI-using models. Of course, it would be nice to be able to save animals. To see what a drug does to women or newborn babies, it might also be a step forward if we could use a virtual model instead of the usual 23-year-old male student. But do we really want that? Can we rely on it? Can we eliminate risks?

The meeting will be held in the Great Auditorium, the place where Professor Cleveringa delivered his impassioned speech, and can also be followed online. 

As we have international alumni all around the world, the meeting will be held in English.

Adam Cohen, moderator of the debate, is Professor of Clinical Pharmacology and was for a long time CEO of the leading Centre for Human Drug Research (CHDR).

Gerard van Westen is Professor of Artifical Intelligence and Medicinal Chemistry and a specialist in computational drug discovery. He recently received the gold medal from the KNCV.

Martine de Vries is an ethicist and philosopher of science, and is Professor in the Normative Aspects of Medicine.

6.00 pm: Dinner (optional*)
7.30 pm: Coffee and tea for all people attending in person
8 pm: Start of the debate and online streaming
9.15 pm: End of meeting and online streaming, start drinks for the attending guest

* Signing up for the dinner can be done until 26 November 09:00 a.m.

Please note that by registering for this event you consent to the fact that you may appear in the livestream and/or you may be featured in photographs taken to promote future Cleveringa Meetings.

Date : Thursday 30 November 2023
Time lecture : 20:00-21:15 (CET) 
Live location : Academy Building, Rapenburg 73, Leiden
Online : Broadcast to all our Leiden alumni around the world
Language : English
Registration : Please choose an option below
Option 1 Attending the live event in the Academy Builing, Leiden
Option 2 Online streaming on your computer

€ 15,-    p.p. for student members of LUF (coffee, lecture & drinks)
€ 17,50 p.p. for other students (coffee, lecture & drinks)
€ 20,-   p.p. for alumni (coffee, lecture & drinks)
€ 70,-   p.p. for alumni (dinner, coffee, lecture & drinks)

No costs for online attendance

Your registration is only valid once the participant fee has been received. We regret that no refunds will be given. Partners and non-alumni are also welcome.

Note: The number of seats in the Great Auditorium is limited. 

Cleveringa Committee Leiden

  • Prof. R.B. (Bas) ter Haar Romeny,  Voorzitter (1986 - SSR)
  • M.J. (Michael) Juffermans, Secretaris (1990 -Quintus)
  • G.V. van Duyneveldt, Penningmeester (1991 - Augustinus)
  • W.R.J. (Wiltfried) Idema, Commissaris Alumnirelaties  (1980 - Minerva)
  • P.G. (Peter) Nederpel, Commissaris Alumnirelaties (1989 - Horus Fonds, Catena)
  • J. (Jasmijn) de Jong, Commissaris Studentenrelaties (Minerva)

About the Cleveringa Meetings

During the Second World War, on 26 November 1940, several professors from Leiden gave protest speeches following the dismissal of their Jewish colleagues. In his protest speech Professor Cleveringa, the dean of the Faculty of Law, explained in precise detail why the measures introduced by the German occupier were in violation of international law.

Professor Van Holk, a professor of theology, also gave a protest speech and devoted his subsequent lecture to the Jewish philosopher Spinoza.

To commemorate these famous protest speeches, the Leiden University Fund, in collaboration with the Cleveringa committees, holds its annual Cleveringa meetings around 26 November (also known as the 26 November Meetings) in which academics from Leiden give lectures all around the world.

Leiden University Fund

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