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Lecture | LUCIS What's New?! Series

The Classical Zaydi Imamate (1200-1600) and its Legacy 

Thursday 20 April 2023
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What's New?! Spring Lecture Series 2023
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden
2.06 & Online
MS Berlin Glaser 37 Tatimmat al-ifāda fī tārīkh al-aʾimma al-sāda f. 48a

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In the 10th century, the Zaydis, a Shiʿite group, founded their own state led by an imam in Upper Yemen. Between 1200 and 1600 the Zaydi imamate went through a period of institutional development and social transformation, that allowed it at its peak development to unify Upper and Lower Yemen for the first time in history. Despite the subsequent Ottoman conquest of the region, the legacy of this period of Zaydi state-building left a permanent mark on Yemen. In this talk, I will analyze how Zaydi state institutions and political elites developed in this classical period and how these developments continued to influence Yemen’s socio-political history in the Ottoman (1536-1635) and Qasimid (ca. 1600-1800) periods. 

About Kate Pukhovaia

Ekaterina (Kate) Pukhovaia is a political and social historian researching the development of state institutions and political elites in pre-modern Yemen and the Middle East. Since 2022, she is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at LIAS, where she is working on the project Early Modern State-Building in Yemen. She received her PhD from Princeton University in 2021. Prior to coming to Leiden, she was a Polonsky Fellow at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. 

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