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Lecture | Applied African Linguistics

Overview of the links between Linguistics, Economics, and Education

Monday 27 February 2023
Applied African Linguistics

Language Policy: Some Economic and (Socio-)Linguistic considerations

What’s the purpose of language policies? Are they intended for economic development, for political rule, or for productive schooling? Which one comes first; and need things evolve in a specific order? Can a weak economy support adequate schooling? Must all citizens of the same nation-state speak the same language (in all domains of interaction)? Is a nation-state necessarily united demographically by use of one and the same language by all the citizens? Is the Western monolingual model what African States should follow? Is language the only or primary reason why formal education has been failing most pupils and students in Africa? What is the role of population structure in setting up adequate language policies? What is the role of linguistic-typology considerations in designing language policies? I intend to address these questions and more (from the audience) in this lecture.

This webinar takes place on Zoom, the passcode is pAkt*fW1. 

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