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IBL Spotlight - Science Communication & Society

Thursday 12 January 2023
IBL Spotlights
Sylvius building, room 1.5.31


Jon Chase – Leiden University
GlobalSCAPE: Global science communication and perception

Since early 2021 the GlobalSCAPE project has been taking stock of the experiences of science communicators across the globe, paying particular attention to the voices we do not normally hear from in the Global South and non-Western countries.  Jon Chase, from Leiden University’s Science communication and society department, has been working as part of the GlobalSCAPE team and will provide an introduction and overview of this exciting project

 Dr. Aart van Stekenburg – Radboud University
Using science communication to inform people about contested topics

The public does not agree about the facts surrounding a number of formidable challenges that the world is facing. Science communication plays an important role in informing people about the facts related to such important societal topics, but it is not always effective. I will present some of our work investigating how people stick to false beliefs in the face of corrective information and how science communication can improve to help people come to scientifically accurate beliefs. Finally, I will reflect with you on what these findings mean for the emerging field of science communication research and what the practical implications are. 

Reception on the first floor of the Sylvius Building

We hope to welcome all of you,
On behalf of Julia Cramer - SCS

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