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Sails Lunch Time Seminar Mike Preuss

Monday 5 December 2022
online only
Mike Preus

The Game Research Lab: SAIL(s) With Us

Game environments are among the most popular and interactive test cases for all kinds of new AI algorithms. Not only did they help forge the AI hype we currently experience, they continue to fuel technological improvements that benefit future AI research. Additionally, games are increasingly used as research tools to engage participants or to collect data on a wider scale. On a commercial level, games continue to attract larger audiences that rival other forms of entertainment. The experiences they provide are becoming more diverse, involving trends such as increased open-world environments, hybrid gaming, and procedural content generation. In this talk, Mike Preuss and Gulio Barbero present the Game Research Lab of Leiden University and its impact on research and education.

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The SAILS Lunch Time Seminar is an online event, but it is not publicly accessible in real-time. Please click the link below to register if you would like to join.

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