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Seminar: High yield vesicle packaged recombinant protein production from E. coli

Wednesday 17 August 2022
Gorlaeus Building
Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden


The ability to reprogram a cell to direct the packaging of specific molecules into discrete membrane envelopes is a major objective for synthetic biology. Controlled packaging into membrane vesicles supports the development of numerous new technologies and commercialisable products within the applied biotechnology and medical industries, including: generation of recombinant bioreactors; environmental dispersion of biomolecules; vehicles for drug delivery and vaccination, as well as providing a stable environment for isolation and storage of proteins. 

In the presentation I will describe a novel system that exports diverse recombinant proteins in extracellular vesicles from E. coli. This technology results in high yields of vesicle packaged functional proteins. The vesicles not only compartmentalise toxic, insoluble and disulphide bond containing proteins in a soluble and functional form, but the protein packed vesicles can be easily isolated from the media and allow stable long-term storage of the protein. This simple technology therefor facilitates efficient downstream processing for a wide range of applications from discovery science to applied biotechnology and medicine.

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