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Lecture | Comparative Indo-European Linguistics (CIEL) Seminars

Proto-Indo-European Loanwords in Proto-Kartvelian: A Reconsideration

Friday 20 May 2022
This talk is also available online via Zoom.
Comparative Indo-European Linguistics (CIEL) Seminars
Also available online via Zoom | Register by emailing a.i.palmer@hum.leidenuniv.nl.
Lipsius 201


This talk is devoted to a relatively neglected field of PIE linguistics and prehistory, the possibility of PIE loanwords in Proto-Kartvelian, collecting and critically evaluating of all proposals (that, surprisingly enough, outnumber the PIE ~ Proto-Uralic/Finno-Ugric proposals). As the investigations usually did not go beyond listing similarly looking words, the goal of this talk is threefold: First, to separate the linguistically untenable proposals from the theoretically possible ones. Second, to investigate whether any of these theoretically possible proposals show anything beyond assonances, i.e. whether their loanword status can be demonstrated in a linguistically adequate way (and if so, at precisely which proto-language level). Third, the prehistorical implications of the lack and presence of loanwords will shortly be addressed.

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