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Difference and empire, or on the importance of thinking otherwise

Thursday 14 April 2022

Dr Luis Eslava is Reader in International Law at University of Kent. Bringing together insights from anthropology, history and legal and social theory, his work focuses on the multiple ways in which international norms, aspirations and institutional practices, both old and new, come to shape our everyday life, arguing that closer critical attention needs to be paid to this co-constitutive relationship between international law ‘up there’ and life ‘down here’ In this spirit, his publications advance a series of new methodological parameters and applied case studies that aim to shed light on the simultaneously ideological and material, ground-level work that is done, each day, by international law, inviting the reader, in turn, to question what our response to it should be. 

The lecture is that last of the VVI’s Reconsidering the Socio-Legal Gaze Lecture Series. The lecture series aims to spark critical debates about the visions of justice and positions of power inform Law and Society scholarship at Leiden and beyond. The first semester’s series “Dutch Colonial Foundations” reflected on the birth of socio-legal scholarship in the context of Dutch colonial administration. The second semester focuses on “Future Horizons” of socio-legal scholarship in the context of three key values that drive contemporary scholarship: decolonization, diversity, and development. The year-long lecture series is being organized by the Van Vollenhoven Institute Diversity and Inclusion Committee, the first of its kind at Leiden Law School.

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