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Legal socialization in law school: two types of professional identity formation and their impact on inclusion and diversity’

  • Dr. Nina Holvast and Dr. Willem-Jan Kortleven
Thursday 24 February 2022
Kamerlingh Onnes Building
Steenschuur 25
2311 ES Leiden
B041 and Online via Zoom

Dr. Nina Holvast and Dr. Willem-Jan Kortleven work together researching legal socialization in Dutch law schools. Nina Holvast is Assistant-Professor Empirical Legal Studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her dissertation (Eleven International Publishers) explored the role of judicial assistants in judicial decision-making. Her current research concentrates on the functioning of the judicial institutions, the effect of extra-legal factors in judicial decision-making and legal socialisation in law school. Willem-Jan Kortleven is Assistant-Professor Sociology, Theory, and Methodology at Erasmus University Rotterdam. His research examines the interfaces of law, risk and risk prevention. Kortleven obtained his PhD in Sociology of Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam (2013). He held a position as assistant-professor at the Vrije Universiteit, before returning to Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2018.

This event is part of an ongoing lecture series organized by the Van Vollenhoven Institute, entitled “
Reconsidering the Socio-Legal Gaze.” The lecture series aims to spark critical debates about the visions of justice and positions of power inform Law and Society scholarship at Leiden and beyond.

The first semester’s series “Dutch Colonial Foundations” reflected on the birth of socio-legal scholarship in the context of Dutch colonial administration. The second semester focuses on “Future Horizons” of socio-legal scholarship in the context of three key values that drive contemporary scholarship: decolonization, diversity, and development. The year-long lecture series is being organized by the Van Vollenhoven Institute Diversity and Inclusion Committee, the first of its kind at Leiden Law School.

The series is open to the public. Attendees may join either virtually or in person.

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