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Socioeconomic diplomacy and global empire building, 16th-19th centuries

This summer school will explore the concept of socioeconomic diplomacy in the context of global empire building (16th-19th centuries).

On 26-28 June, 2023, Leiden University’s Institute for History will host a summer school on Socioeconomic diplomacy and global empire building, 16th-19th centuries, in collaboration with the N.W. Posthumus Institute (the research school for economic and social history in the Netherlands and Flanders) and the Global Diplomacy Network. The summer school will bring together approximately 10-15 advanced students or young academics and a team of experts at the crossroads of (new) diplomatic history, the history of empires, and global history. We will discuss and present content, historiography, concepts and methodology in these innovative fields. We aim for a stimulating programme consisting of lectures, interactive workshops, and thorough discussions of the participants’ work.

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