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International Criminal Law: From Theory To Practice

Programme & Lecturers

Past, Present and Future of International Criminal Law

Challenges of International Criminal Law

Crimes against Humanity


The Crime of Aggression

War Crimes

Ecocide, a New Crime?

Sexual and Gender-based Violence

Crimes against Affecting Children

Attacks against Culture

Modes of Liability in International Criminal Law:

  • Individual Criminal Responsibility
  • Command Responsibility


Jurisdiction and Admissibility

Evidence in International Criminal Trials: 

  • Investigation and Evidence Submission
  • Digital Evidence
  • Evidence from Vulnerable People

Rights of the Accused

Building a Defense Case

Building a Prosecution Case

Reaching a Judgement

Victims Participation before International Criminal Courts and Tribunals

Reparations for Victims of International Crimes

Moot Court Day

Introduction and Advocacy Training

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