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Literary Studies (MA)

Why Leiden University

Leiden University offers students a rich environment in which to reach their potential.

The right location to study Literary Studies

Leiden University's Faculty of Humanities is consistently ranked among the top 30 Humanities faculties worldwide in the THE World University Ranking. At Leiden University, the oldest university in The Netherlands, you can access the best teaching staff, the latest research, and a wealth of resources found nowhere else in the world. With Leiden’s world famous collections of original manuscripts and periodicals,  you have literature at your fingertips.

Research expertise

The Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society (LUCAS) is a leading European centre for research and teaching in languages, literature, art and culture. The Master’s programme in Literary Studies makes full use of the centre’s academic range, with a high-level of individual supervision and the flexibility to customise programmes that is to the benefit of all students.

Preparing your career

Our reputation means that your qualification is respected by organisations worldwide. Our graduates enjoy successful careers thanks to their broad and global mind-sets, specialised and in-depth knowledge, and strong critical-thinking skills. Our graduates are equipped to solve the challenges facing society now and in the future.

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