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Political Culture and National Identities (research) (MA)

Part of
History (research) (MA)

In the research master Political Culture and National Identities at Leiden University you will be at the forefront of a new approach to understand how politics and identities in Europe are conceived.

Use a comparative approach

You will be part of a research master's programme that takes a broad, comparative approach to the study of the political and national identities of a number of European countries spanning the period 1800 to 2010. The programme also takes an international perspective by looking at the relations between different European countries instead of the more usual nationalistic historiography.

Explore the evolution of national identities

You will examine the evolution of the political culture and national identities of countries such as the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany or Russia – and how these countries influenced each other through 'cultural transfer': the adoption of examples from other countries and the inspiration they engender.

Contribute to current debates

Your understanding of how national identities and political views have evolved will enable you to make a valuable contribution to the debates that continue to dominate both public and academic forums, including discussions about the EU, democracy and populism.