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Southeast Asian Studies (MA) (60EC)

Meet our staff

Prof.dr. B. Arps

Ben Arps is a Professor of Indonesian and Javanese Language and Culture at the Leiden University Institute for Area Studies. What fascinates him most is worldmaking by means of language, performance, and media, especially in encounters between religious and intellectual traditions. View his full profile here.

Prof.dr. D.E.F. Henley

David Henley is a Professor of Contemporary Indonesia Studies. He has a broad range of research interests spanning the politics, history, geography and sociology of Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia. View his full profile here.

Prof.dr. M.A.F. Klamer

Marian Klamer is Director PhD programs and Professor of Austronesian and Papuan Linguistics. Her publications cover a wide range of linguistic topics including morphology, typology, grammaticalization, historical reconstruction, and the effects of language contact. View her full profile here.

Prof.dr. H. Schulte Nordholt

Henk Schulte Nordholt is Professor emeritus Indonesian History. His main fields of research include Southeast Asian history, contemporary politics in Indonesia, political violence, and the anthropology of colonialism. View his full profile here.

Prof.dr. I.B. Smits

Ivo Smits is a professor of Arts and Cultures of Japan at the Leiden University Institute for Area Studies (LIAS). His research focuses on early medieval classical texts in both classical Japanese and classical Chinese. View his full profile here.

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