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South and Southeast Asian Studies (BA)

A day in the life

Are you interested in studying South and South East Asian Studies at Leiden University? To have an impression of the student life, see the overview of a typical day out of the life of Yaska Sahara, first-year student.

Shanté Neese

First-year student

Shanté Neese

07:30 I wake up. I take my time making my breakfast and take a shower. Then I bike to the Lipsius building of the faculty of Humanities with a friend.
09:00 The first class of the day is the language course ‘Indonesian 1’. We learn grammar during this class. The professor explains the contents of today’s class and then we all have turns to answer questions about these topics.
13:00 Lecture ‘The Introduction to the Study of Islam’. This class is taught by Maurits Berger, who is a very nice teacher. I take notes in the meantime.  
14:00 I have a quick lunch before class starts again. I am not a big fan of sandwiches, like we usually eat in The Netherlands, so I made a salad.  
15:30 The lecture has finished. I go home and do some self-study. I do the readings in preparation for tomorrow’s classes, and I finish my notes on the lecture of today, since I was unable to write all of these down during the class.  

I make dinner together with my five housemates. We really like making healthy food and we cook something different almost every evening. One of my housemates is vegetarian, so the dishes are also always vegetarian. This time we made risotto!


19:30 After dinner we watch a movie together to unwind before going to bed.

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