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South and Southeast Asian Studies (BA)

A day in the life

Are you interested in studying South and South East Asian Studies at Leiden University? To have an impression of the student life, see the overview of a typical day out of the life of Yaska Sahara, first-year student.

Yaska Sahara

First-year student

Yaska Sahara

07:30 I wake up around half past eight. I like to start my morning with a cup of good chai tea before going to the university.
09:00 I have a workgroup Sanskrit. Today we do some grammar and we translate an old text.
11:00 We have the course ‘Nation, Community, Self: Questions of Culture in South and Southeast Asia’. It is an interesting class on culture and heritage so a wide range of subjects are studied to explore those ideas. These include film, but also things like architectural heritage and religious ritual.
13:00 After my lectures I spend the rest of the afternoon to study in the university library. Between studying I take some breaks with my friends who I have met at various classes and activities.
19:00 I have dinner at home. Afterwards I spend the rest of the evening listening to an audio book.
23:00 Time to go to bed!
The University Library

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