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About this minor

Course overview

The minor consists of two courses:

This minor is organized by Leiden University, Technical University Delft, and Erasmus University Rotterdam, providing you with an amazing opportunity to get familiar with three different universities, campuses, and disciplines.

This Leiden-Delft-Erasmus minor combines the domains of ‘learning and teaching with (digital) technology’ and ‘design thinking’ with interdisciplinary group work. The first part of the minor, the theory and tools are taught through lectures, small practice cases, and hand-on learning materials. You will develop the basic skills to help design digital solutions for educational issues using design thinking. The focus is on virtual reality, learning analytics, gaming, and artificial intelligence.

In the second part, you will take on a challenge, which is 
provided and supervised by a client from secondary or higher education. This could be, for example, on the use of virtual reality to enable excursions in history lessons, or to develop a chatbot that helps students design an experiment in physics lessons.

Is this the right minor for you?

This minor is open to students of all alpha, beta, gamma, and medical studies who are interested in education and digital technology and want to experience what it is like to solve a real-life problem or take on a challenge in a multidisciplinary group of peers and education professionals. Knowledge of digital technology is not a requirement. This minor is very suitable for students who want to look behind the scenes of education but are not (yet) interested in obtaining a teaching qualification.

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