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About the programme Linguistics

In the BA Linguistics at Leiden University you get to explore all aspects of languages. You will compare languages, study languages that are almost extinct and learn about language rules and structure

The bachelor’s in Linguistics is a three-year programme, taught in Dutch or English depending upon the specialisation you choose. During your second year you will take courses related to your chosen area of specialisation. Four specialised tracks are available: Descriptive Linguistics, Language and Cognition, Comparative Indo-European Linguistics (all taught in English) or Taal en Communicatie (taught in Dutch). In our bachelor’s programme we offer specialisations where you do learn one or more new languages, like Hittite or Old Norse. The main purpose of learning these languages, however, is to enable you to analyse their structure and to compare various languages with one another. Your degree in Linguistics makes you an attractive candidate for a variety of potential employers. For example, you could work in functions such as consultant, linguist, linguist at a language institute or editor at a publishing house.

Why Linguistics in Leiden?

  • You will be a student at one of the world’s leading linguistics institutes.
  • We support our students in acquiring both in-depth specialist knowledge as well as valuable academic and personal skills.
  • This is an interdisciplinary programme focusing on the interface of language and several other disciplines, such as biology, psychology, neuroscience, sociology, communication science, anthropology, history, and archaeology.

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