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For students

Students are an important part of the Una Europa community.

As a student, the Una Europa community at Leiden offers you many opportunities. Here are three reasons to get involved.

  1. Meet, work with and learn from students at 11 universities across Europe.
  2. Attend Una Europa summer and winter schools.
  3. Represent Leiden University at events such as the yearly Una Europa Student Congress.

How student representation in Una Europa is organised

The Student Board is Una Europa's central, student-led governance body. Student Board members represent the student perspective in all Una Europa activities and try to increase the engagement of students in the development of the alliance. At Leiden University, the Student Board members are Lindsay Edenburg and Febe Piccinin.

In addition, every Una Europa university has a Local Student Task Force. Through the task force, local student volunteers come together to organise events, promote the activities and opportunities of Una Europa among their peers, engage with the international student community of Una Europa, and implement Una Europa student projects. 

Get involved

Are you a student, and do you want to play a part in  the Una Europa community in Leiden?

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