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Arts and leisure - Dance

NIA - Music, Movement, Magic

Friday from 10:00-11:15 h

Annet Breure

For whom
For those who like a subtle and imaginative lesson. The mobility of the smaller muscles is discussed a lot, moving from head to toe in a playful way. With influences from tai chi, taekwondo, jazz and modern dance and yoga.

This course is not a technical dance course, although we do use simple choreography to expand our movement vocabulary. Form and freedom. Within the choreography, the intention is to listen to one's own body and adjust the movement if necessary, and is guided in this. Pieces of freer dance are also included. It is a varied lesson, with movements from different disciplines and music from all over the world. A lesson in which you relax by moving. Mobility and flexibility are promoted.

If the weather permits, the lessons are given outside in a park, in cosultation with the students.

Annet Breure Nia combines dance with martial arts, such as taekwondo and tai chi, and yoga. Read more

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