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Career College: Working at an NGO

Discover the limitless possibilities of an NGO career during personal succes stories of our speakers. During this Career College you will get an inside scoop on what it takes to make a difference in the world. Take part in a panel discussion on working at an NGO. Furthermore you will uncover what the pro's and cons are in terms of working for a non-profit organisation and perhaps that helps you in finding out whether it's a right fit for you. Sit down on the Spanish Stairs and take part of a very interesting Career College filled with personal stories and valuable insights. Do you have the necessary characteristics and qualifications for a job at an NGO? There is plenty of opportunity to ask your questions and network with like-minded individuals as well, so you can find out for yourself.

Career College
Organised by Career Service
Organised by Career Service


Register for 10 May 2023 'Working at an NGO' (English speaking)

From 12.00 - 14.00 hrs
Wijnhaven, Den Haag

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NGO's at this event

  • Henk Hulshof - UNICEF

Henk Hulshof currently works as a human rights expert at UNICEF Headquarters, reinforcing the role of children and human rights in UNICEF policies and practices. Having studied Slavonic Studies (Russian) and International Relations at the University of Amsterdam and International Children's Rights at Leiden University, he interned and worked for Amnesty International, for UN agencies (such as UNDP, UNICEF, and the OHCHR) throughout the world, and as researcher and teacher at Leiden University, and as senior policy officer for the Netherlands Foreign Ministry. Throughout his career, he has primarily been promoting the role of human rights in development. He currently takes particular interest in the role of human rights in the current climate and ecological crises. Mr. Hulshof is active in the climate and environmental movement for Extinction Rebellion and FossilFree Netherlands. 

  • Laura de Lange - Oxfam Novib

Laura is currently working as a Corporate account manager for Oxfam Novib, where she is identifying and creating corporate partnerships for the organization that also meet its values. She did her masters in International Studies at Leiden University. Before her master’s, Laura studied Cultural Anthropology (BSc) with two minors: one in Gender Studies, and the other one in Political Science. During her studies, she interned at both Oxfam Novib at the Gender Justice department as the Headquarters of UN Women in New York City at the Resource Mobilization unit. Besides her studies, Laura participated in the Think Tank of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, volunteered at UN Women NL, and was a Youth Lobbyist for Plan Nederland among other things. Laura focuses on fundraising (varying from public to institutional), resource mobilization, relationship management, program development, and innovation. 

  • Stef van der Weerd - Rainforest Alliance

Stef is a senior associate in ‘evaluation & learning’ at the Rainforest Alliance. Concretely, this means they design and lead research projects that aim to measure the impacts and effects of the Rainforest Alliance’s programs, ranging from topics like pesticide use on banana farms to paying a living wage to tea plantation workers. Additionally, Stef advises colleagues in their research endeavors and disseminates new insights -e.g. from academia- into the organization. They started at the Rainforest Alliance three years ago as a program management trainee, after completing a Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences and a Master’s in Environmental Science. Several internships and courses abroad during their studies -like an internship at the Environmental Protection Administration Taiwan- prompted Stef to pursue a career in the international development sector.

  • Zhiren Ye - International Solid Waste Association

Zhiren Ye is an advocacy professional in the social impact sector. He is currently working as International Event Manager at International Solid Waste Association, coordinating various projects across the globe to create synergy in addressing waste management and the circular economy. Before that, he worked for Oxfam Novib as a campaign and program manager for 4.5 years, during which he led and supported movements and campaigns covering topics of youth activism, climate change, SRHR, land rights, and LGBTQ rights. Utilizing his innovative mindset and field experience gained through activism in China, he wishes to continue his advocacy work and make a social impact through building collective efforts.    

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