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Tycho van der Hoog

PhD candidate / Guest

Dr. T.A. van der Hoog MA
+31 71 527 2727

For an overview of Tycho van der Hoog's research and publications, visit his profile on the ASCL website.

Tycho van der Hoog is a PhD candidate at the African Studies Centre Leiden. His PhD project, tentatively titled ‘Blood, Bullets, and Bronze: The Relations Between North Korea and Southern Africa, 1960-2020’ seeks to reveal the ties that bind North Korea to the African continent. His monograph Monuments of Power: The North Korean Origin of Nationalist Monuments in Namibia and Zimbabwe was published by the African Studies Centre Leiden in 2019. His monograph Breweries, Politics and Identity: The History Behind Namibian Beer was published by Basler Afrika Bibliographien in 2019.

He is the recipient of the BISA African Affairs Postgraduate Paper Prize 2021.

Tycho holds a bachelor’s degree in history, a bachelor’s degree in political science, a research master’s degree in African Studies, and a master’s degree in history (cum laude) from Leiden University. He previously worked at the Centre for Frugal Innovation in Africa and lectured at BA programme Korean Studies of Leiden University.

He is supervised by Prof. Dr Jan-Bart Gewald and Prof. Dr Remco Breuker.

(Photo: Simone Both)

PhD candidate / Guest

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