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Sjoerd Louwaars

Director Innovation PLNT

Ir. S.P. Louwaars
+31 71 527 2558

Sjoerd Louwaars is Director of Innovation at PLNT Leiden. The regional Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, founded in 2016 by Leiden University, the Leiden University of Applied Sciences and the Municipality of Leiden.

More information about Sjoerd Louwaars

Sjoerd Louwaars devotes his time to creating spaces where people and ideas interact to build initiatives which tackle local urban challenges. He designs entrepreneurship experiences for organisations that want to innovate, and young entrepreneurs that want to create a start-up. Sjoerd has extensive experience of running learning spaces on the nexus of science and society.

Sjoerd obtained a degree with distinction in urban development at the Delft University of Technology. After which he started his own social enterprise Weaverbird. Sjoerd has been part of the founding team of the Leiden University Centre for Innovation, where he founded the Changemakerslab.

Director Innovation PLNT

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Langegracht 70
2312NV Leiden


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