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Sigrid van Wingerden

Associate professor

Mr. S.G.C. van Wingerden M.Sc.
+31 71 527 8588

Sigrid van Wingerden PhD LLM is Associate Professor of Criminology at the Institute of Criminal Law & Criminology at Leiden University. She is also Programme Director of the Bachelor's and Master's programmes in Criminology.

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Sigrid van Wingerden PhD LLM is Associate Professor of Criminology at the Institute of Criminal Law & Criminology at Leiden University. She is also Programme Director of the Bachelor's and Master's programmes in Criminology.

In 2006, she obtained her Master’s degree in Criminal Law, as well as in Criminology, in the specialisation Security Policy & Law Enforcement. She conducted the research for her thesis on the sentencing of homicide offenders at the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement (NSCR). 

After that she worked as a researcher at the Criminology department of the Institute of Criminal Law & Criminology on a study commissioned by the Ministry of Justice on the practice of victim compensation through criminal proceedings. In 2007 she became PhD-fellow at the Institute, studying sentencing outcomes. In 2014 she defended her PhD-thesis  'Sentencing in the Netherlands. Taking risk-related offender characteristics into account'. Thereafter she continued her teaching and research as an Assistant Professor.


In her research, Sigrid van Wingerden is interested in judicial decision-making by judges and other actors in the criminal justice system. Her research takes place within the context of the University-wide research programme  Criminal Justice: Legitimacy, Accountability, and Effectivity. Because of her multidisciplinary background,  her research focuses on the empirical study of criminal justice decision-making, for which she uses both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Her main expertise is the study of sentencing decisions by judges, with a special focus on the role of risk related offender characteristics. Her research aims to identify which factors or circumstances are taken into account by judicial actors when they make their sentencing decision, and how this relates to the principle of equality and to the legitimacy of sentencing practices. She published several books, reports and a variety of papers in national and international journals.   


Sigrid van Wingerden currently teaches the course ‘Prevention & Punishment’ at the undergraduate level, and the course ‘The Legitimacy and Effectiveness of Sentencing and Corrections’ in de Criminal Justice Master. Further, she supervises both Bachelor and Master students writing their thesis.

Ancillary positions

Sigrid van Wingerden is editor in Chief of the Dutch Criminal Justice journal Proces, Tijdschrift voor Strafrechtspleging.

Associate professor

  • Faculteit Rechtsgeleerdheid
  • Instituut voor Strafrecht & Criminologie
  • Criminologie

Work address

Kamerlingh Onnes Building
Steenschuur 25
2311 ES Leiden
Room number B 3.20



  • PROCES, Tijdschrift voor Strafrechtpleging Redactielid
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