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Nika Hendriksen

PhD candidate

N. Hendriksen MSc
+31 71 527 3484

Nika Hendriksen is a PhD student at ICLON (Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching). Her academic journey has been a diverse one, beginning with a BSc in psychology and moving on to achieve a MSc in sociology and political sciences, as well as a M.Ed. in civic education and social sciences. Her extensive educational background has given her a unique perspective on the intersectionality of education, social sciences, and the ecological perspective on educational development.

Nika’s primary research interests lie in teacher development, inclusion and equity in education, and the ecological perspective on educational development. She is particularly interested in exploring how to help teachers in creating a more equitable and inclusive education system that supports the needs of all students. Nika’s research is driven by her passion to ensure that education is accessible to all, regardless of their socio-economic background, ethnicity, or cultural identity.

In addition to her research work, Nika is also actively involved in teaching master students at the graduate school of teaching.

PhD candidate

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Work address

Willem Einthoven
Kolffpad 1
2333 BN Leiden
Room number B2.40


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