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Leonie Henkes

PhD candidate

L.C.F. Henkes MA
+31 71 527 2727

Leonie Henkes is a PhD candidate at the Centre for the Arts in Society.

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Fields of interest

  • Homeric scholarship
  • ancient Greek values, history of ideas
  • ancient Greek folk theories, especially on conceptions of emotions
  • ancient and modern theatre


My PhD project examines folk theories of crying as represented in ancient Greek literature from Homer till the 5th century BCE. Whereas weeping is a universal phenomenon, the causes for weeping, the evaluation of tears, and the display rules of crying rely upon culturally specific aspects. In my project, I examine these cultural factors and attempt to reconstruct conceptualizations of crying of ancient Greek emotional communities, their norms about weeping, and culturally specific “emotion scripts”.

Curriculum Vitae

2019 – present

PhD candidate in ancient Greek literature at Leiden University Centre for Arts in Society, Classics.

2017 – 2018

Educative Master (ICLON) at Leiden University.

2015 – 2017

ResMA Classics and Ancient Civilizations at Leiden University. Master’s thesis on the cultural value of objects in Homer’s Iliad, with focus on the mare as a prize in Patroclus’ funeral games in Iliad 23.

2011 – 2015

BA Classics at Leiden University. Bachelor’s thesis on the cognitive function of the thyrsus as prop in Euripides’ Bacchae.


  • prof. dr. Ineke Sluiter
  • dr. Tazuko van Berkel
  • dr. Luuk Huitink

Ancillary activities

LUCAS Conference ‘Bodies Matter’ 2021

Grants and awards

OIKOS Thesis Award 2017

PhD candidate

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Centre for the Arts in Society
  • Griekse T&C

Work address

Arsenaalstraat 1
2311 CT Leiden
Room number A0.32


No relevant ancillary activities

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