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Laila Neuman

PhD candidate

L.C. Neuman
+31 71 527 2999

'De Storm der Hartstochten Woedt'

‘The storm of the passions rages': The works of Johannes Jelgerhuis Rienkszoon and Aaron Hill as sources of stagecraft for the historically informed singer.

My general field of research centres on historical performance practice for singers, focussing
on the theatrical legacy of Johannes Jelgerhuis Rienkszoon and Aaron Hill.

Through this research I want to bring the historical acting techniques of Jelgerhuis and Hill to the attention of a wider public, with the aim of enriching current HIP practice and the academic corpus from both the theoretical and the practical standpoint by applying these sources to the discipline of singing. 

Fields of interest

  • Historical gesture
  • HIP
  • Mad song
  • Opera
  • Historical acting techniques
  • J. Jelgerhuis
  • Aaron Hill

Curriculum vitae


PhD supervision

Jed Wentz

PhD candidate

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Academie der Kunsten
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