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Jurre Knoest

PhD candidate

Dr. J.J.A. Knoest
+31 71 527 2727

Jurre Knoest is a PhD student at the Institute for Area Studies.

More information about Jurre Knoest

Jurre Knoest was born in the Netherlands in 1983. Between 2001-2007 he obtained his Bachelor degree in History and Master degree in Early Modern History at the University of Amsterdam. His research focused on the Dutch East India Company and his Master thesis was about everyday life in the Dutch trading factory at Nagasaki in the later half of the seventeenth century. Since 2006 Mr Knoest has been studying Japanese Language and Culture at Leiden University. He obtained his Bachelor degree in Japanese studies with the Bachelor thesis: ‘ Clashing Ambitions and Hidden Agendas. The Plans for a Japanese-Dutch Invasion of Macao and Manila as an Example of Peripheral Influence on Core Policymaking circa 1635-1639’. At present, Mr Knoest is finalizing a Research Master's Programme on Area Studies: Asia and the Middle East with a specialization on Asian Studies. His research for the AMT programme concerns the interaction between center and periphery in Tokugawa Japan (1603-1868) and the way local authorities and various social groups (with special attention to merchants) on the frontier regions of Tokugawa Japan affected political processes regarding foreign policy at the shogun's court in Edo.


Supervisors: Kiri Paramore, Remco Breuker and Ivo Smits

PhD Student

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Leiden Institute for Area Studies
  • SAS China

Work address

Matthias de Vrieshof
Matthias de Vrieshof 1-4
2311 BZ Leiden


PhD candidate

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Leiden Institute for Area Studies
  • SAS Korea


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