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Joyce Outshoorn

Prof.dr. J.V. Outshoorn
+31 71 527 3969

Joyce Outshoorn (1944) is professor emeritus of Women’s Studies at the Institute of Political Science in the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. She joined the Institute in 1999 after heading the Women’s Studies Department since 1987, the year that she was appointed as a professor in Leiden. Previously she was Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Amsterdam.

During her career she was Chair of the Netherlands Research School of Women’s Studies (1992-2000), co-director of the Research Network on Gender Politics and the State (1996-2010), and member of the Steering Committee of the Feminism and Citizenship project (FEMCIT) funded by the 6th Framework Programme of the European Union (2007-2011). In 2009 she received the Career Achievement Award of the ECPR (European Consortium of Political Research) Standing Group on Gender and Politics.

Her current research areas are women’s movements, abortion and prostitution policies, and gender equality policy.


She studied political science and contemporary history at the University of Amsterdam, receiving her doctoral degree (cum laude) in 1972 (Title dissertation: De SDAP en het 'vrouwenvraag­stuk', 1892-1920, Nijmegen: SUN, 1972; The Social Democrat Party and the 'woman question’). In 1986 she received her PhD from the Free University of Amsterdam (title­: De politieke strijd rondom de abortuswetgeving in Neder­land 1964-1988, The Hague,VUGA, 1989 (The politi­cal debates on abortion law reform in the Nether­lands).

Other functions

In the past she was a member of the editorial boards of Public Administration Review, the European Journal of Women’s Studies and Politics and Gender, and Tijdschrift voor Gender Studies. She was chair of the Standing Group on Politics and Gender of the European Consortium for Political Research in the late She was a Research Fellow, at the Research School for the Social Sciences, Australian National University, Canberra, in 2000.

She also received various research grants from the European Science Foundation, the National Science Foundation, and the American Political Science Association for the research project on Gender Politics and the State. From the Dutch National Science Foundation she received funding for the joint Research Programme ‘Gender and Care’ (with University of Utrecht, Free University Amsterdam and Catholic University Nijmegen, 1992-1996. In 2007 she was member of the Feminism and Citizenship (FEMCIT) project which received funding from the 6th Framework Programme of the European Union, Priority 7, Networks of Excellence and Integrated Projects: Citizens and governance in a knowledge-based society, 2007-2011.

She also served on several government committees for gender equality policy, such as the Netherlands Government Assessment Committee for Gender Mainstreaming (2003-2007) and as an expert on gender an democracy for the Council of Europe (1992-1994).

In addition to her academic work she has been active in the women’s movement since 1970 and has written numerous popular articles on gender equality, abortion and prostitution policies,and feminism, as well as contributing to radio and television about these topics.

She was Chair of the Netherlands Research School for Women’s Studies (NOV) from 1993 till 2000. She is co-convener of the Research Network on Gender Politics and the Stte (RNGS) and one of the project leaders of the EU-funded project on Feminism and Citizenship (FEMCIT).

In 2009 she received (with Joni Lovenduski) the Gender and Politics Award of the Standing Group on Gender and Politics of the European Consortium of Political Research (ECPR).


List of publications since 2000 (PDF)

  • Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen
  • Instituut Politieke Wetenschap

Work address

Pieter de la Court
Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden
Room number 5B33



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