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Johanna Schonk

Prof.dr. J.H.M. Schonk
+31 71 526 9741

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Communication is an essential part of daily care processes. Healthcare workers spend on the average more than half their time on communicating. Patients also communicate extensively about their disease with both fellow patients and healthcare workers. The reasons for communication are diverse: establishing the diagnoses and the preferred treatment; coordination of the work of different disciplines involved in the care for an individual patient; evaluating the outcomes of treatment and prognosis; coping with the disease, and impairments. Current information and communication technology (ICT) holds the promise of improving communication processes considerably, given that its application is based on a thorough understanding of these communication processes. The clinical informatics group focuses on the study of communication processes in health care with the aim of advancing the successful application of ICT in health care. A specific objective of our research is to enhance an active involvement of patients in their own care process by means of ICT.

The title of is inaugural lecture was 'De wonderlijke wereld van ICT in de zorg'.

  • Faculteit Geneeskunde
  • LUMC - Medische Faculteit Leiden
  • Faculteit algemeen

Work address

LUMC Research Building
Einthovenweg 20
2333 ZC Leiden
Room number S5-P


  • Hogeschool Leiden lid Raad van Toezicht
  • St. 's Heeren loo Amersfoort lid Raad van Toezicht
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