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Janric van Rookhuijzen

Education and Research Staff Member

Dr. J.Z. van Rookhuijzen
+31 71 527 2647

Fields of interest

  • Greek historiography (especially Herodotus)
  • The intersection of text, literature and archaeology
  • The Acropolis of Athens
  • Classical reception
  • Lexicography

Description of my research

My current and ongoing research (for which I was awarded a VENI grant, 2019-2022) concerns the symbolism, archaeology, and reception history of the Acropolis of Athens, in particular that of the 'Parthenon' and its predecessors, and the Temple of Athena Polias (incorrectly known as the 'Erechtheion'). My research will shed light on the role these monuments played in the formation of Greek, European, and Western identities, and to disentangle what I call 'narratives of antagonism' (stories about enemy action, for example, destruction and desecration by Persians and Turks) embedded within the discourse surrounding them. My research aims at tracing the role of such stories in a reviewed architectural history of the Acropolis temples.


I received my doctorate at Radboud University, Nijmegen (2018, cum laude). In my dissertation I explored the complex relationship between Herodotus' account of Xerxes' invasion of Greece (480-479 BCE) and the landscapes of Greece and Anatolia. It will be published in October 2018 with De Gruyter as Herodotus and the Topography of Xerxes' Invasion.
I have a background in Classics (BA, Radboud University, cum laude), Classical Archaeology (MSt, Oxford, distinction), European Politics (MA, Collège d'Europe, 'très bien'), and Indo-European Linguistics (MA, Leiden, cum laude). I have participated in fieldwork projects in Greece (Halos, with the Universities of Groningen and Amsterdam; Thorikos with the Universities of Utrecht and Ghent) and contribute to the new Ancient Greek–Dutch Dictionary currently in preparation under the leadership of Ineke Sluiter.

Teaching Activities

Taalverwerving Grieks
MA Tutorial ‘The Textual World of the Acropolis’

Education and Research Staff Member

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Centre for the Arts in Society
  • Griekse T&C

Work address

Arsenaalstraat 1
2311 CT Leiden
Room number A0.20


  • Universiteit Utrecht Onderzoeker
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