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Jan Kees Colder

External PhD candidate

Drs. J.C. Colder
+31 71 527 2727

Jan Colder doesn't have a desk at the university. Please send an email if you want to contact him. The above mentioned telephone number is the number of the secretariat.

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PhD research

Explaining 'Crime' in Ancient Egypt
supervisors: Olaf Kaper & Lex Cachet (Erasmus University Rotterdam) 

Every society has its own definition of criminal behaviour. The ancient Egyptians were focussed on aberrations against strictly defined rules of religious, moral and societal conduct. The aim of my PhD-thesis is to apply relevant modern sociological theory to ancient Egyptian society and explain what the Egyptians in the Middle and New Kingdoms defined as “crime” or more precisely: “deviant behaviour”. The word “crime” is less suitable, because it is a modern term referring to a codified system of law, which the Egyptians didn’t have until the Late Period. The ultimate goal of the research is to identify the causes of such behaviour.


Fields of interest

Fully Licensed Home Amateur. Call Sign: PA3HAC.



BA Personal Management, Social Academy Rotterdam 
MA of Science (Drs.) Sociology of Organizations, Erasmus University Rotterdam 
MA of Arts Egyptology, Leiden University 

Employment history:


Teacher Techniques of Job Application


University of the People Rotterdam


Student Assistant PhD research


“Police and Social Control”


Erasmus University - Rotterdam


Scientific Researcher


Petty Crime in Shopping Centers [Publication]


Scientific Bureau of the Ministry of Justice (WODC)


the Netherlands


Business Consultant IT


Specialization: Information Security


Capgemini B.V. Netherlands


Professional Qualifications

Computer Skills SPSS  



J.C. Colder, E.G.M. Nuijten-Edelbroek, (assist.)  The shopping centre project. Prevention of Petty Crime. WODC SDU Den Haag (1988). 

[J.C. Colder, E.G.M. Nuijten-Edelbroek, (medew.)  Het winkelcentraproject. Preventie van kleine criminaliteit. WODC SDU Den Haag (1988).] 

J.C. Colder,  Research Methodology for Students of the ancient Languages and Cultures. Forthcoming 2013.

External PhD candidate

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Leiden Institute for Area Studies
  • LUCSoR


  • No relevant ancillary activities
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